This Is Our Time

Released in 2021, this collection of original, pop love songs penned by Bruce was recorded in Nashville, Toronto and Burlington, Ontario. Bruce is accompanied by acclaimed pianist, John Barlow Jarvis and a host of great session players on the project. Songs were mixed and mastered by Darryl Kingdon and *George Graves (*noted for his work with classic artists such as Harry Nilsson, Neil Diamond, Peter Gabriel and the Guess Who).  To download the free lyric book, CLICK HERE.

My Song For You

"My Song For You" offers a unique compilation of engaging musical portraits. From tender acoustic ballads, to clever pop arrangements and groove-driven tracks, the songs flow together seamlessly thanks to the narrative theme and Bruce’s honest vocal renditions. Bruce also handled the majority of arranging and played all instruments on half of the songs. His musical influences are fun to pick out too, with nods to Paul McCartney and Motown artists throughout the project. CLICK HERE to download the free lyric book.

Anthology I

Anthology 1 captures the best of Bruce’s early, faith-based songs featuring select recordings from the Stacey Band, Eyewitness and Bruce’s 1989 solo release "Beyond Reason". Songs were transferred from the original analog source tapes and digitally re-mastered for the project. The collection sounds amazing and captures a significant decade of Bruce’s music and life journey. A special edition booklet featuring detailed production notes and Bruce's personal reflections on each song is available. Click HERE to download for free!

Anthology II

Anthology 2 completes the collection of select songs from Bruce's catalogue dating from 1979 to 1989. Bruce collaborated with numerous artists, musicians and producers during the period, including Dan Peek (from the rock group, America).

A special edition booklet containing detailed production notes and Bruce's personal reflections is available. Click HERE to download for free!

Bruce Stacey 17-21

17-23 is a time capsule of Bruce’s earliest compositions and recordings made between 1971 and 1977. Five of the eight tracks were recorded entirely by Bruce on a consumer reel to reel tape deck running at 7 1⁄2 i.p.s. The balance of the songs represent Bruce’s earliest studio recordings, including “Everyday” which was released as a single and enjoyed radio play in Ontario. Bruce considered the songs working tracks or demo’s and so the majority were only shared on audio cassette with high school friends at the time. The cover art for the album is a self-portrait sketch that Bruce painted in 1975 at 21 years of age. Fresh and energizing, the songs capture a fascinating period of the artist and his budding gifts as a composer and producer.

The Scroll With Seven Seals

The acclaimed rock-musical, "The Scroll With Seven Seals" was composed in 1981 and recorded in 1984 with the National Philharmonic Orchestra of London. The Biblically inspired musical takes listeners on an amazing journey from Genesis to Revelation with original songs and narration by Malcolm Muggeridge the noted British journalist and author. This new edition completed in the fall of 2021, was entirely re-mixed and re-mastered. It features previously un-released, extended narration by Malcolm Muggeridge, along with vocal performances by Barry McGuire, Bob McBride, Scott Wesley Brown, Bruce and Elaine Stacey and more.

Click HERE to download a FREE, illustrated "THE SCROLL" booklet with song lyrics, narration and insight on the inspiration for the project.